Although by no means a Superhero (although it would be fun to be Wayne/Batman for a day or two) I live two lives and they are quite separate.

Professionally, I am a Technology Leader with more than 20 years of experience in building and operating complex, Enterprise-Scale systems in a number of varied industry and Government sectors.  Over the last 7 years, I have launched a number of technology companies providing consultancy, software and Cloud services and as a result, I now sit on the board of a number of mid-tier organisations in an advisory capacity.  Day-to-day I am focused on providing consultancy around Microsoft technologies to partners and customers that are looking to utilize Microsoft technologies in innovative ways at Cloud-Scale through two of my ventures SentiServe and extaCloud.

Fortunate to be a frequent speaker at conferences, in the community and at vendor events, I am an active member of the Microsoft community in Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Personally, I’m a failure as a musician but like to think I am having some success as a father, husband and cook.  Oh, and people tell me I’m funny from time-to-time, so I’ll take it.

My two children (Kyle, 4 and Allana 1)  changed everything for me, giving me the realization that some things are just more important than others, right?  Everything else just kind fits around these two.  I’m not sure how that works, but I know that the missus is a big part of it – she’s great.

5 thoughts on “BigSeb

  1. Alec Korba

    Hi Seb,

    I noticed your activity on Twitter. Are you interested in learning more about Melio with Microsoft products? I’d be happy to support you.

    What specific solution are you interested in? Hyper-V?
    Do you have an email I can contact?


    Alec Korba
    EMEA Channel Manager
    T: +1 (617) 600-2497
    M: +1(774)836-2857

  2. Thomas Herrewijn

    Hi Seb,

    A colleague of mine attended your session about Taming BIG SharePoint at the SharePoint Connections 2013. He told me something about a limit of 150 sibling sites per site collection, but I’m having trouble confirming that with google. Maybe my colleague misunderstood 🙂
    Could you please contact me at the email address I provided in this form? Thanks in advance!

    Thomas Herrewijn

  3. Louise Marshall

    Hi Seb,

    I was looking through your site reading some of the great posts you have on there and wondered if you would consider sharing our infographic on your website?
    I would love if you would be interested in showing this on your blog with a small write up, because I believe it would suit your audience really well.
    We are of course happy to generate content for the infographic along with your review, as we would value the exposure to being on your blog and we can tweet about your site once you put the post live.
    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Evoke IT team

  4. Nick Mendoza

    Hi Seb,

    I throughly enjoyed your workshop on “PowerShell the Whole Kit &
    Caboodle:…” in Vegas

    I would like to start delving into your powershell scripts to better understand the details of how they work. Can I get a link to your scripts?

    Thanks (concatenation guy)

  5. Paul C

    Seb, excellent pickled onions!!. When are we going to see the recipe in the “Cook it” section…..they really hit the spot!!


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