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if (like me) you spend time training, demoing and prototyping you probably try and use as few environments as possible.

i have recently started using Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise as an “all up environment” as it gives the nice Windows 7 style UI plus the capability of Hyper-V etc.

i recently came across a “demo only” funny that stopped me dead for a while until an obvious solution presented itself.

on the “base machine” SharePoint, Office etc. all worked fine and as expected. on one of my Hyper-V images, Office just would not work with SharePoint, it could not find the servers, you could not save into libraries etc.

with some performance enhancement differences between the base Server2008 (not so lean) and the image Server2008 (lean as hell) it became apparent that the “Desktop Experience” feature needs to be installed for Office/SharePoint integration to work fully under Windows 2008.

once the Desktop Experience feature was installed (requiring a reboot of the image), hey-presto! works like a charm, to minimise the impact i also set the performance option to “maximise for performance” so that all the sneak, peak, jump stuff was kept to a minimum.

its rather fortunate that i had the 2 environments available for side by side comparison as i could have spent some considerable time trying to figure this one out!

hope this post helps somebody else out there.