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I am beginning to become an expert in UPS (!) as so many of our clients have issues with it.

As a result at AdeoPoint we are building quite a knowledgebase of symptoms/solutions of which I will be publishing those that are worthy of sharing over the next few weeks/months.

Firstly, as a “point of order” for UPS, if you are looking for information on how to initially set it up, you must look at both Technet and at Spencer Harbar’s excellent “Rational Guide”.

These should be your starting points as a bare minimum. I may, at some point put together my own guide but only if I feel it has something to add to Spencer’s work.

Back to the specific issue of My Profile and My Site links not being available from the personalisation menu in SharePoint 2010.

I have noticed this behaviour on several SharePoint farms where we have been asked to go take a look at things that are not working with UPS.

The sympton is that everything in the engine room *seems* to be working (i.e. you have a working service application and a working user profile synchronisation) but users cannot access their My Profile or My Site from the links usually provided from the personalisation drop down (top right by default) because the links just are not there.

You have checked the My Site and My Profile configuration diligently, managed paths, trusted locations, authentication, My Site Host, etc. are all as they should be and you can query User Profiles from the Manage UPS page.

This symptom seems particularly consistent if you have recreated, or made significant changes to the User Profile Service Application.

I have found that to resolve this issue it is (sometimes) neccessary to alter the Service Connections to your web applications away from {default} (or whatever they may be set to) to a different state ({default} to {custom} or {custom} to {default} whichever is relevant for your environment) don’t forget to correctly map the service connections! and then back again (if required).

This action will reset the service connection for the web applications and will, if this is the cause of the issue, provide your users with the links they need to get to their My Profile and My Site.

Hope this helps somebody out there as it was a real head-scratcher until solved…