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Course Correction for a Broken Blog

by | Jul 19, 2017

Well that totally sucked.

Quick update on why the all change here at the blog.

Hoster EPIC fail.

The company that used to provide my hosting for this blog broke the WordPress install by making a ‘scheduled change’ that resulted in them accidentally back-grading the PHP version available from the underlying Linux server. It’s fair to say that WordPress / DIVI / several plugins did NOT like that experience. Something snapped (I think perhaps the anterior cruciate flipperator?) and the site was brown bread.

Fortunately, Vaultpress helped me get most things back and running reasonably quickly but a change in the way I was posting since late 2016 means that all the posts made since December I’m having to recreate. Bummer.

Blood pressure is almost back to normal, hope you like the new design – I’m going back through all the posts to update plus I’m re-adding all the posts from 2017 that were lost in the mists of (lost) time.

more to follow…