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From time to time community colleagues (and other nice folks) ask me about the construct of my blog, especially when they see some nifty functionality they like the look of.

Sounds like a helpful blog post to me…

Here’s the list of Plugins that make work!

  • WP Hide Post
    • Used to hide “off topic” posts from the home page of my blog or from the syndication feeds
  • Batch Comment Spam Deletion
    • Runs a job to delete all of the items in the spam comments view but in batches so as not to kill blog performances during this process
  • Evergreen Post Tweeter
    • Scheduled tweets of posts that are between certain age and below to certain categories or with selected tags
  • Windows Azure Storage for WordPress
    • Keeps all of my media files (including images) in Azure storage so high payload items can benefit from CDN acceleration
  • WP Missed Schedule
    • Resolves the issue where (for unknown reasons) scheduled posts don’t actually publish, this plugin runs a job every 5 minutes that polices unpublished (but scheduled) posts
  • Events Manager
    • Provides a sophisticated yet simple to use event management functionality so I can publicise my speaking, webinar and conference activities
  • Crayon Syntax Highlighter
    • Uses inline tags to highlight dozens of different code types, I use primarily for PowerShell and T-SQL
  • Email Before Download
    • Let’s you use a form to collect details to email a URL to when a blog visitor wants to download content
  • Download Monitor
    • Manages the process for downloadable content including time limited URLs and URL obfuscation

Be sure to thank the Plugin writers if you use any of them.

more to follow…