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#SebsLaw: #5 – Undershirts

Undershirts hide a multitude of sins.  Wear one! p.s. Day-to-day I wear Under Armour. Fits well and washes/dries quickly. When I travel I wear Merino wool shirts. Fits really well, never creases and washes/dries in less than an hour. Bingo.

#SebsLaw: #4 – Watching Star Wars

If introducing somebody to Star Wars (it still amazes me how many people I meet who have not seen the series) then the only acceptable way to view the 6 films available (at this time) is in what is known as the “Machete Order” so named for Rod Hiltons...

#SebsLaw: #3 – Facebook Friends

You should only be friends on Facebook with somebody you have actually socialised with.  If one or the other of you has bought the other a drink then friendship is implied. No exceptions.

#SebsLaw: #2 – Superdry Clothing

If you are older than 40 and still wear clothes by Superdry then you are a twat. The only exception to this are people who work in the fashion retail industry.  In this scenario you are not a twat you are simply an underachiever (unless you own the...

#SebsLaw: #1 – Roast Beef

Roast beef should only ever be rib (wing or fore) Roast beef should only be eaten rare and with horseradish Yorkshire puddings are optional, but not – THEY ARE MANDATORY Any other level of cooking and serving is sacrilegious and just plain wrong. Nuff...