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I’m honored and delighted to be speaking at a couple more East Coast SharePoint Saturday events in the coming months.

First up on June 8th is #SPSDC. It’s my first time at SPSDC and I’m looking forward to seeing the local gang and bringing my “Information Architecture for SharePoint Professionals” session to the nations capital.

I have not been to DC for more than 10 years so I am hoping to get some decent sight-seeing in despite the fact I will only be in the area for 3 days…

More info on the event can be found at:

Second of the events will be #SPSNYC. I was lucky enough to be involved last time around with 2 sessions, this year I’m bringing a new version of my “PowerShell for SharePoint People” session which has been tweaked and updated since #ESPC13 with some exciting new updates (!).

I love NYC and am there probably 10 times a year so although not new to me, I still get a buzz EVERY time I head there. In the summer, I can’t think of a city I would rather be.

More info on the event can be found at:

more to follow…