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Came across an odd one today.

Deploying PowerPivot to an existing SharePoint 2010 farm (thus meaning that we can’t follow the easy and “recommended” path of allowing the PowerPivot configuration script to configure the SharePoint farm) and could not get passed the validation checks that the PowerPivot configuration tool runs on the farm as a pre-flight process.

Error message seen was:

“Current Analysis Services service account: domainaccount Analysis Services service account must be the same for all instances in the farm. Change you service properties to log on using account: NT AUTHORITYLOCAL SERVICE. Please address the validation failures and try again.”

Note: I have removed the actual domain and service account details.

Turns out that somebody else had tried to deploy PowerPivot to the farm and had aborted the deployment thus leaving the farm in a state of limbo.

The previous aborted configuration attempt had successfully registered the Analysis Services service with SharePoint but the account defined was “Local Service” so that when the validation tool ran it compared the account defined in SharePoint (Local Service) with the account actually running the POWERPIVOT instance for SSAS (domainaccount) and they were different.

To resolve, I simply used the “Configure Service Accounts” option in Central Administration to update the “Windows Service – SQL Server Analysis Services” to reflect the correct account.

Frustrating for a while.

more to follow…