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Ahead of a bunch of demos, webinars and conference sessions I’m delivering over the next couple of months, I have gotten around to updating the PowerShell Tutorial for SharePoint RTR PowerShell scripts for SharePoint 2016.

Unlike AutoSPInstaller, these scripts comprise a lightweight ‘not-really-for-production’ approach to using PowerShell to install the SharePoint 2016 Preview and are structured to be used alongside webinars and sessions as they also demonstrate PowerShell principles in a purposed way.

I’ve “released” (and updated the associated sessions) these scripts for 2010, 2013 and now 2016 (admittedly, not a stellar leap from 2013 so far) and hope you continue to find them of use.

Now I am using GitHub, rather than an embedded code snip, just head over to the repo to grab the stuff…

Usual caveats apply, and READ THE TEXT FILES!

more to follow…