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Recently I have been involved in some repetitive processes using PowerShell that revolved around calling previously dot sourced scripts and functions several times but in a way that did not lend itself to scripting.

Although I love the PowerShell F7 trick (have you tried it yet?) I wanted to get the session history into a text file for use and for posterity.

Getting session history is easy –


Getting session history as a list of issued command lines is also easy –

Get-History | Select -ExpandProperty commandline

PowerShell piping then lets us jab this to a file and then open the file in Notepad –

Get-History | Select -ExpandProperty commandline | Out-File cmd.txt ; notepad.exe cmd.txt

Throw in some alias and get a little economical with piping and we have ourselves a #powertweet !

Ghy | Select -exp commandline > cmd.txt ; notepad cmd.txt

Cool huh?

The first rocking #powertweet !

more to follow…