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PowerShell Session Downloads

If you’ve been to one of my PowerShell sessions in 2014 you might be interested in getting hold of some of the scripts that I’m publishing for your scripting delight!

This page provides access to the download ZIP files I periodically publish with the latest set of demo scripts I’m making available.

As always, fill in your deets below (email must be valid to get the download link!) and your ZIP file will be sent to you.

Usual caveats apply – no validity of suitability is provided and you use these scripts at your own risk. They are provided “as is” with no warranty of any kind expressed or implied.

That said, if you’re having problems, want to ask a question or just want to natter then please drop me a line…

For the 2010 version of SPInstallerLite, use the form below – please read the text files!
[email-download download_id=”1043″ contact_form_id=”907″]

For the Sites N Webs scripts, use the following form – again, read the text files!
[email-download download_id=”1052″ contact_form_id=”907″]