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My son asked me how many days there were until next Christmas.

I didn’t know – but knew a way to find out – PowerShell to the rescue, again!

I know there are better ways to get this output, and I also know that ‘Write-Host’ is the work of the devil himself, but hey-ho, it’s Christmas (well, sort of) so the rules are different.

Function Get-NumberOfDaysUntilNextChristmas {
	If ((([DateTime]::Now).DayOfYear) -gt 360) {
		$MerryChristmas = ([DateTime]("12/25/" + ((([DateTime]::Now).Year)+1)) - [DateTime]::Now).Days
	Else {
		$MerryChristmas = ([DateTime]("12/25/" + (([DateTime]::Now).Year))- [DateTime]::Now).Days
	Write-Host "There are $MerryChristmas days until next Christmas!"

more to follow…