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Veronique (“who needs no introduction”) Palmer has inspired some people to get in on this idea – here’s my list…

  1. I’m a massive ABBA fan
  2. I used to own a record label
  3. My favorite food is sauted sweetbreads with capers and lemon (googlebing this!)
  4. I’m an avid reader of the author Clive Cussler
  5. I hate feet
  6. I have a marksmanship award for hitting a “human” target 5 times out of 5 shots at 1000m
  7. I have a digital recording studio at home including a video green-screen
  8. I don’t have a college degree
  9. My son is named after the saviour of the human race Kyle Reece from the Terminator movies
  10. I can do a better impression of Yoda than you can…

You’ll have to ask if you want to hear the Yoda voice…

more to follow…