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The nice folks at Nokia (@nokia_connects) kindly loaned me a Lumia 920 through December and frankly, I like it.

Not since the heady days of the first Blackberry I was given have I been so monumentally convinced that a switch of phone is required, to a point where I am even considering buying one (once Nokia offer me a nice incentive, of course!) and trashing the HTC I have been happy with for a while now.

Things I really like (some are Lumia features, others provided by Windows Phone 8):

  • The camera is awesome. Great quality and simple to tweak.
  • Connectivity just works. Switching regularly between 5 wifi networks, and 5 bluetooth enabled cars/devices with zero failures in the entire time I have been using it.
  • Strong signal reception. My HTC struggles in my SUV to maintain a good connection to both the cell network and the in-car bluetooth. Lumia just worked.
  • Text read-aloud and respond while bluetooth connected to cars. Couldn’t figure out how to use twitter (getting it to use a D or @ must be like using one of those stylus on a PalmPilot, only for the chosen few) but a boon for keeping family connected when driving.
  • No pocket unlocks.
  • Push and hold the back button for “recently used apps”.

I can take or leave the tiled interface. It’s nice, sure, but on it’s own, it is not a reason to use WP8 in my opinion.

What’s not to like? Ringtones – no regular “ring-ring” ringtone plus the latest warpy version of the infamous Nokia tune. Oh, and the on-screen keyboard in portrait mode is a little too small for me, I have chunky thumbs.. 🙂

If that’s all I can complain about, then things must be good.

more to follow…