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I’m not a Liverpool fan, but I do have an affection for them as I am a child of the 70s and 80s and it was hard to ignore them in this mighty period of their history. Even in the face of tragedy, the club has maintained a certain dignity which is not matched by many teams around the world.

Gerrard leaving is bad for Liverpool and sad for football in the Premier League. Gerrard is everything a professional sportsman should be. Professional. That’s it.

He’s a master of his craft, a model member of the football community, loyal (both to club and country) and gives it all, not leaving an ounce behind, every time he pulls on the number 8 shirt.

I met him once, very briefly at a corporate event. He genuinely seemed interested in meeting people he had nothing in common with and (more than likely) no interest him. My lasting impression? He’s a gentlemen.

Not many of them in the world of sport, especially in the menagerie of “professional” Association Football.

Liverpool’s, the Premier League’s and the country of England’s loss will be Major League Soccer’s gain.

more to follow.