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In my new role within my Lodge, I’m tasked to provide a toast to visiting brethren from other Lodges during the Festive Board.

As a ‘young’ Mason, I don’t have a stack of fraternal anecdotes and am always nervous about bringing ‘adult’ humour to speaking events of any type – even to a room full of aging men – so decided to knock something together that was both appropriate (in a Masonic context) and seasonal (it’s December, after all).

I’m sharing here simply because I can.

Feel free to use none, some or all of what’s here if you’re looking for something to say when toasting visitors in the future.  Sure, I’d love it if you cite me in some way but won’t sue if you don’t.


Seeing as it’s Christmas,
I thought I’d make a toast
To friendship of the season
At this festive board we host

To brethren of all ages
Enjoying Christmas cheer
To masters past and present
To brethren no longer here

Our festive fare, tonight, my friends
Really was quite good
I truly hope our visiting brothers
Enjoyed our humble food

Our evening almost over
We thank our visitors here
Hyllendune be upstanding
To raise a fraternal cheer


Seasons Greetings One and All!

more to follow…