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For a while I have been posting non-tech related things all over the place – other blogs, open forums, commercial sites (often using pseudonyms) – but never here on the mother-ship.

This has become a little cumbersome (I am managing way too many user IDs and passwords these days) so I have decided to consolidate back to for quite a few of my non-tech related musings, mutterings and masterpieces.

Subjects you can expect to see?

  • Sport related
  • Food related (see below)
  • Comedic/satirical musings (see below)
  • Anything else I would have historically kept away from my “professional” blog

So let’s look at some of the detail.


Food has been a big part of my life and I consider myself to be both bit of a bon vivant (having been fortunate enough to eat in some of the finest restaurants in the world) and a frustrated home cook (with enough gadgets to make Suzy Perry blush) over the last few years I’ve collected recipes, ideas and techniques that I have decided to publish via a series I am calling “Cook It!”.  I’ve not attached any specific goals to the series (such as “publish a recipe a day”) I’ll just post when the mood takes me – hopefully somebody out there will enjoy something I bring to the table.  Directly accessible from


I’m told I can be a funny guy.  Clearly not “Eddie Murphy funny” but I do have my moments.  A few years back I took to the boards and had some great times with some stand-up comedy nights (both booked and open mic.) and despite having no plans to give it another whirl, I am committed (due to a bet) to post an entire years worth of my slightly infamous “laws” – you might have seen the first few already… Directly accessible from

What am I hoping to achieve by this new direction of posting?  Nothing.  I’m just making my life simpler.

Hope that’s ok with you? 🙂