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No real news here.  Nothing to see!

I have finally decided on and purchased a new domain name for my new “totally off technology” blog.

I was chatting with some folks at the European SharePoint Best Practices Conference about blogging and my mind was re-joggled about a blog idea I had been kicking around for a while now.

Funnily, it was a statement coming out of my own mouth that made me realise that I should damn well get on and start on this idea.

“What do you blog about and what keeps you blogging?” somebody asked.  Several excellent replies were chipped in and I then lowered the tone from an intellectual plane to an emotional one by blurting “you’ve gotta just blog about what you love”, “it keeps you motivated, keeps you writing and helps you generate content that other people want to read and will keep coming back to”.

I don’t think I have ever uttered truer words.

The “guilty” part of my brain has been chewing this over since BPCUK and finally over the Easter break I was laughing at myself for not eating my own dogfood.

The result of this musing? 

  1. I am now working on a new personal blog project
  2. I have decided to dedicate 1 hour per day to it until it is established in my routine
  3. It will be way, way, way off the topic of IT
  4. I have had a server provisioned in the AdeoServe datacentre (oooh, the power I have) to provide me a platform
  5. A blog name has been decided and (fortunately) the domain name for it is now under my ownership

This blog (seb2.0) will still be my primary professional resource on the web, until I give up (if ever) on IT I don’t see that changing.  The new subject specific blog will be a little piece of my mind on the internet dedicated to something I love and (perhaps more importantly) a subject that I feel I can make a real contribution to.

Watch this space for more info as it emerges.