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It’s official.

There are exactly 2 types of people on the Web, and now I finally have proof…

Type 1 – Those who like Kevin Smith
Type 2 – Those that do not like Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith, the brilliant offbeat film director of Mallrats, Clerks, Chasing Amy and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back amongst others, has totally polarised the entire web world.

The furore about his recent Twitter tirade (check out @thatkevinsmith) against Southwest Airlines for deplaning him for being “fat” is the proof I need that these 2 types of people exist.

The Twitterati tend to like him, he is one of the TwElite with over 1.6M followers, with whom he regularly interacts, thus increasing his popularity.

Movie fans tend to like him, although not neccessarily considered a “bank” director (geddit?!) his movies do have appeal.

Guardian readers on the other hand, dislike him intently, it would appear, if the comments on this article on the Guardian’s website are anything to go by:

Me? I like him, I have even been to one of his “An Evening with Kevin Smith…” performances and found him to be both polite, intelligent and really quite nerdy – all strong character traits in my mind .