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Ignore all the sensible stuff; the learning the business value, the networking.

How do you actually measure whether you had a successful SPC11?

Follow this list, 1 point for each you check off, 1 point for each bonus.  Anything higher than 12 counts your SPC11 as successful!

  • Mark Miller (@eusp) added you as a friend on Facebook
  • You are the mayor of any part of Anaheim on FourSquare (can’t claim this if you live within 50 miles…)
  • Spencer Harbar (@harbars) retweeted you
  • You laughed and took a photo of yourself outside the UPS store in the Hilton while telling all who would listen that UPS is not just a parcel service
  • You have a signed Penny Coventry (@pjcov) book (bonus for more than one)
  • More than one MVP from outside your own country knows your name
  • Either Joy Earles (@joyknows), Karuana Gatimu (@karuana), Sara Windhorst (@sharepointsara) or Janis Hall (@janishall) described you as “adorable” (bonus points for more than one)
  • You know who or what a “V” is
  • You know who or what a “Jed” is
  • You gave a member of staff in a bar/restaurant/hotel a tip and told them to “stick it in your tin” (or some other non-US expression that’s sure to cause confusion)
  • You stood up and asked a question on the mic at a session (bonus if you challenged a Microsoft staffer or MVP)
  • You walked away with swag that was not just “booth crap”
  • You managed to eat every evening without paying by grazing party buffets
  • An exhibitor or sponsor actually bought you a drink in a bar using valid US currency as opposed to Disney Dollars, tokens or some kind of wristware
  • You managed to get a drink at the DisneyLand party in less than 15 minutes
  • You met more than 5 Canadians and can remember their names
  • You met more than 3 Australians/Kiwis and can remember their names
  • Your twitter following raised by more than 50  
  • You know how many books Joey Patterson (@joeypatterson) managed to collect
  • You smoked (if a smoker) or hung out (if you’re healthy) at “Dave Coleman’s Ashtray” (bonus if you checked in on FourSquare)

Remember folks, it’s just for fun, if you have additional criteria you would like to see added, bung it in the comments…

See you at SPC12