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How do we measure true value in SharePoint?
A GREAT question, and one that was posed to me today:
“…so Seb, we get all the great SharePoint stuff you’ve told us about, but how can we measure the value that our investment will provide?”
After some head-scratching to compose my thoughts I hedged and answered with the “SharePoint consultants gambit” – a slightly hesitant; “It depends…”
“You have seen that there is lots of possibility with SharePoint, so we need to identify pain points within your organisation that could be “treated” and then work through how we could quantify the treatment, helping us to measure success in real terms that your organisation would recognise and understand.”
“The trick will be for us to identify genuine business problems, inefficiencies and processes that could benefit from being SharePoint’ed” I continued, “if we can find the needs, we should be able to imagineer SharePoint solutions and then develop a model to help us quantify the benefits and value that SharePoint would bring if delivered.”
I paused with a hopeful smile.
“I like the concept, but how will we execute against it?” responded the client.
“Sounds like a blog series to me…” I replied.
And so it was.

…more to follow