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Last week I was sent an email with an Excel spreadsheet containing a bunch of Microsoft TechNet KB articles that were being considered in the context of being applied to a Windows Server farm.

I had no idea what all of these KB articles were (who does after all?) so wanted to take a peek over them to get the lowdown on what was being proposed.

Given that there were 21 KB articles referenced in the spreadsheet, I really did not want to manually open each one.

Guess what? PowerShell to the rescue.

Knowing that I could parse my way over a CSV file (easily created from Excel), manipulate Internet Explorer as a COM object and that all KB articles are stubbed by the same URL (”, all I had to do was loop over the CSV and spawn a stack of IE tabs which I could then review at my leisure.

$content = Import-Csv .\kb.csv
$iexplore = New-Object -ComObject internetexplorer.application
foreach ($kb in $content) {
   $url = ""+$kb.KB
$iexplore.Visible = $true


more to follow…