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If you have SSL enabled on SharePoint web front ends you may see from time to time a security warning asking you:

“Do you want to view onlye the webpage content that was delivered securely?”

ie8 security popup

I see this particularly frequently when 3rd party web parts are installed that are not totally SSL aware (Pentalogic Planner is a great example of this) or if you are doing anything on the page that is calling http content from elsewhere.

It’s essentially a default warning from IE about the mixed mode nature of the content and most of the time you can just click “No” (assuming you are happy with the makeup of the page) and be on your merry way.

After 100’s of “No” clicks, this can get a little irksome, so you may wish to disable this pop-up entirely.  The option to disable this pop-up is well hidden, but easy to change – but be cautious that you don’t alter settings in zones that you may want a higher level of browser based protection (such as the Internet zone).

Here’s how you change it.

  1. Select Tools >Internet Options >Security
  2. Select the “Security” tab
  3. Click the “Custom Level” button
  4. Scroll down until you get to the “Miscellaneous” bullet
  5. Locate the “Display Mixed Content” bullet and choose “Enable”
  6. Click “OK” button
  7. Close Internet Options

Job Done.