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I’m a huuuuge PowerShell fan.  It somehow just feels right to be working in a shell predictably, reliably and with precision.  UIs are for losers!

But I’m concerned for the masses.  I’m not a PowerShell expert, I’m just a guy that likes a little regularity.  That’s right, I eat plenty of fibre.

I’m concerned for the masses because as PowerShell advances (v5 now doncha know?) it’s becoming so rich with cmdlets users no longer understand what it is actually doing.

The days when we had to expose objects and then work with them are long gone.  There’s a cmdlet for everything and I can’t decide if that’s progress or not.

I suppose it’s probably analogous to when Microsoft started bringing the “Visual-ness” into development years ago.  It became easier to become a developer and  only the most disciplined spent the time needed at a low level to really understand what was going on at runtime.

Are we just creating a generation of scripters that have too much power with too little real knowledge of how things work?  Perhaps.

Maybe I am worrying about nothing but I, for one, prefer the idea that the guy currently fixing my car actually knows at a detail level how it works and doesn’t just rely on his laptop plugged into the diagnostic port if you catch my drift.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

more to follow…