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DISCLAIMER – this isn’t a news post, its mildly satirical.

It’s no longer news that the browser for Windows 10 will no longer be Internet Explorer.  IE has been a mainstay of Windows for a long time now, but it’s popularity has waned in recent years with other browsers stepping up to be quicker, more compatible and visually more pleasing.

Although still the de facto for the enterprise desktop, IE and the “IE way of thinking” has clearly had its day, and despite recent improvements I’m of a mind to agree it’s time for something new.

Enter “Spartan” – a new browser for the next generation of Windows devices.  With a homologised codebase across all platforms, it’s certainly a step forward.

But the name, “Spartan”, did make  me chuckle.  I realise it’s probably a working name (what we used to call “codenames”) but even then the name just makes me laugh.

Most people would associate “Spartan” with war, power and kicking ass – that’s probably the thinking behind it – but I can’t but help think about the wider legacy of Sparta.

An ass-kicking city-state in it’s early days that fell away into obscurity with many of its inhabitants moving away – just like IE, no?

Let’s hope it’s not an omen 😉

more to follow…