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This is an odd one and worth a post, not least to remind me in case I ever see it again.

Document library created from a template based on the regular document library definition. Nothing spectacular in the template, bit of managed metadata, a couple of lookups, nothing fancy. Versioning with major and minor is enabled, as are content types and there are a couple of custom views but no filters or anything even remotely clever being employed.

When a user adds a document, all seems normal, they’re prompted to add metadata (some of the fields are mandatory) and when they save all seems tickety-boo.

When the diaglogue closes, and the library view refreshes, no document.


If the library is then opened in explorer view, the document is viewable.

More mysterious.

Turns out there is something wonky in the template that is not wiring up the major/minor versions correctly and thus rendering all minor versions, regardless of check-out status out of the view.

Fixing is simple. Switch versioning to “major” then switch it back to “major and minor” and the view gets wired up correctly.

Odd in the extreme. If I get involved in fixing up the template, I’ll post again on what is broken within.

more to follow…