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#Microsoft Stakes GDPR Claim

by | Apr 18, 2017 | Governance, Microsoft, Office 365

With the GDPR coming into effect in just over a year’s time, Microsoft has drawn a firm and resolute line in the sand extending their central initiative around ‘trust’ to now include specific offerings in the context of the GDPR.

In a blog post, Rich Sauer, CVP and Deputy General Counsel (think ‘number 2 legal eagle’ at Microsoft) has outlined Microsoft’s commitment to being both helpful and transparent with regards to the GDPR and helping customers to achieve compliance by the looking May 25, 2018 deadline and to maintain compliance post the starter’s gun being fired.

Branded as ‘contractual commitments’ Microsoft is guaranteeing that customers can:

  • Respond to requests to correct, amend or delete personal data
  • Detect and report personal data breaches
  • Demonstrate compliance with the GDPR

This is big. As a truly global cloud player, these promises mean certain (and not insignificant) investment from Microsoft in their DLP, Data Governance and Telemetry products and offerings (both in Azure and Office 365) and mean yet another win-win for customers investing in and moving to the Microsoft Cloud.

Check out for more information in the GDPR Trust Center.

more to follow…