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Know your organization with #Microsoft Workplace Analytics for #Office365

by | Jul 5, 2017 | Governance, Microsoft, Office 365

Microsoft have today upped their game in the context of behaviour analysis within the Office 365 platform with the General Availability (‘GA’) announcement of Workplace Analytics.

In a blog post here¬†Microsoft’s Ryan Fuller (GM for the product) announces the availability of the product with a few of the notable highlights:

  • Office 365 collaboration insight at an organizational level
  • Customized queries
  • User network dynamics

The only real bummer of Workplace Analytics is that (at the time of writing) despite Microsoft stating that the product was available in any Enterprise plan it’s actually only available in any Enterprise plan for an organization with more than 5000 seats active. Not the end of the world but clearly ruling it’s usefulness out, for now, for most Office 365 customers in the world.

Check the product site out here.

If you’re interested in smaller scale analytics, Microsoft have a ‘personal’ version entitled ‘MyAnalytics’ that can be added to many types of Office 365 Plan. Check out MyAnalytics here.

I’ve got some posts coming about MyAnalytics in the near future so watch this space.

more to follow…