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This is a post that was not correctly posted in February!

Spent an enjoyable afternoon here at ESPC13 watching a migration shootout between the leading players in the on-premises to Cloud space.

AvePoint, Axceler, ShareGate, MetaVis and Quest were all represented (altough MetaVis and Quest were essentially showing the same product as the Quest tool is an OEM of the MetaVis product).

Nothing leapt out from the session but I did make some observations that I thought I would note down:

  • AvePoint sent a marketing person, the others all sent tech folks – an interesting statement about how mature/complete AvePoint believe their products to be, but also interesting in the context of AvePoint being seen to be very marketing lead
  • ShareGate had a great little product that stood up well in the face of some gargantuan competition – and at a great price point
  • Axceler had a nightmare with their datacentre connectivity letting them down (I believe they run demo VMs from a central location) but James Fowell did a great job of smoothing over the failure with a play-by-play chalk-talk of what he would have done
  • MetaVis seemed to have (or did a better job articulating!) the most complete and mature offering – I guess this is in part backed up if you think that one of the other products was an OEM of MetaVis that was presumably a revision or two behind

From my perspective as a pureplay ITPro confident with PowerShell, I would have loved to have seen a “non-3rd party” solution (a techie with PowerShell) up there showing a no-cost solution, but you can’t have it all.

In the future I might attend more of these shootout type sesions at conferences/events I attend as I was able to learn enough about a number of products to be confident in informing (although not necessarily recommending specific products) future clients about the existence of certain products that may have use in their SharePoint adventures.

more to follow…