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Simple things make life better. Quality ingredients matter.

I love food. It is physically apparent.
Tradition is where the best food can be found. Be traditional.
Source the best. Cook with passion. Eat to enjoy.
Background Photo by Lukas Budimaier on Unsplash.

#cookit: Yorkshire Puddings

#cookit: Yorkshire Puddings

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash Let's start off with something quick, loveable, but easy to cock-up.  The secret to good Yorkshires is simple - no lumps in the mix, HOT fat and NO early peeks. Yorkshire Puddings (makes 12) Ingredients You Need: 180g...

Introduction to the Cook It! Series

For a while I have had a number of recipe style posts published here there and everywhere, but never here at Why?  Historically I was obsessed with keeping my professional (i.e. tech) blogging discrete from my non-professional (i.e. everything else!)...