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I’ve been asked a number of times ‘what happened to the SebsLaw daily comedy series?’ well it’s simple.  The second child got in the way, damn her to hell!

2015 was when I started the SebsLaw series which was born out of comedic things laughed about, mostly in bars, with good friends from the technical community around the World.

February of 2015 was also when Allana was born and it proved too much to maintain the series so after a couple of months it took a back seat to poopy diapers and the realization that there is a non-linear relationship between the number of young children you have and the amount of work required to keep them alive.

Well, Allana is older now, making the timing better so SebsLaw can make a (welcome) return to the interwebs.

I’ve changed the format slightly – it won’t be a ‘dated & daily’ thing, just an ‘as and when’ thing, but I’m seeking to keep it going this time around for an indefinite period – we’ll see how that works out.

I’m going to cheat in the beginning by recycling the 60 or so ‘laws’ that are already in the wild, they’re mine after all, but after that I’ll be bringing all new ‘laws’ to bear so watch out.

Hopefully somebody will find some of it comedic and if not?  Tough shit, I’ll do it anyway.

more to follow…