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Last week at #SPCON13 in Amsterdam I was asked by not one, not two, but THREE people why I used WordPress as my blogging platform as opposed to SharePoint.

As a “SharePoint guy” should I not be drinking the blog Kool-Aid?

I think not, and here’s why:

  • SharePoint sucks as a blogging platform
  • As somebody with development experience but no desire to pick up Visual Studio, the simplicity of WordPress is extremely attractive
  • The WordPress community is HUUUGE and provides plugins, widgets and themes for almost anything, mostly for no cost
  • Did I mention that SharePoint SUCKS as a blogging platform?
  • Just because I am a “SharePoint guy” does not mean I am wed to SharePoint as the answer to anything. Being a good “SharePoint guy” actually means understanding when SharePoint (or Office 365) is not the answer.
  • Hosting SharePoint (outside of Office 365) is expensive. Hosting WordPress (self-hosting in my case as I do not use is almost free. I pay about $20 per year for my WP platform.
  • Public websites in Office 365 are way more complex than they should be
  • Offline editing for WP is very simple. I use BlogDesk (other clients are available). LiveWriter and other solutions for SharePoint are way too crappy.
  • Finally, did I say that SharePoint sucks as a blogging platform?


more to follow…