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Move along, nothing to see here!

I’ve moved my blog from a hosting partner to somewhere new. I’m not in the business of endorsing services (that don’t offer bribes, <ahem>) so let’s just say it’s somebody leftfield.

I’m still running WordPress, there is just no compelling reason to bring it to SharePoint that I can see. I am not a designer and WP just gives me simple, wizard/click setup, config and branding; all of this would take time I don’t have if I did it with SharePoint, even since 2013 raised the bar for WCM.

Why did I move? I was tired of all the issues I was experiencing with the old hosting platform (poor performance, sporadic FTP issues, updating headaches) and with my blog now getting much more traffic I wanted to keep my life as simple as possible.

God bless her and all who post in her.

more to follow…