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How Long Should I Keep a SharePoint Site, Office Group or Microsoft Team?

by | Feb 22, 2019 | Cloud, Governance, Office 365

How long should you keep an Office 365 object such as a SharePoint Site, an Office 365 Groups or a Microsoft Team?

The Eternal Question

It is a great question. A contentious question. A question that really only has one answer (despite what other consultants might tell you).

The answer? Keep Office 365 objects for as long as they have purpose.

For dozens of reasons, purpose is the sole arbitrator of existence in Office 365. Keeping items without purpose gives you headaches:

  • risk of non-compliance
  • sprawl of unused content
  • usage of capacity
  • overhead associated to review/remove
  • dilution of focus
  • confusion amongst users
  • lack of clarity on authoritative data sources

The list goes on.


If you cannot define a purpose for something, get rid of it.


Photo by Ahmed zayan on Unsplash