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I’ve got a vested interest in the education space – one of the companies I am involved with has a focus on education and in particular Microsoft’s offerings in the market.

I’m continually impressed with Microsoft’s continued investment in the edu sector (I also get the long game they’re playing; “today’s student is tomorrow’s customer”) and this investment is getting more interesting by the day.

In a recent announcement, Microsoft has publicised the fact that their integration with open source education platforms (Learning Management Systems (“LMS”) and Massive Online Open Course (“MOOC”) systems) is being strengthened with greater support for Moodle and Open edX (two of the giants in this space) via the Office 365 extensible API framework.

Updates such as Single Sign-On and OneDrive integration will make it even easier for students, faculty and parents to leverage these solutions while maintaining a strong foothold and loyalty in the Office 365 service – which is, of course, Microsoft’s objective here.

Frankly, I’m impressed.  There is not a lot of money here for Microsoft, but it shows community minded thinking, at a planetary level, which will result in investment now paying off big in the future.

Read more on the Office Blogs site Office Blogs (Edu).

more to follow…