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So it’s finally happened.

Windows as a Service is now officially here.

This week (Tuesday 12th) Microsoft announced at it’s annual Worldwide Partner Conference (“WPC” to those in the know…) that Windows 10 would be made available from Cloud Solution Providers (“CSPs”) in a subscription based consumption model akin to Office 365.

Consumable as “Windows 10 Enterprise E3”, presumably to give some familiarity to existing Cloud consuming customers in the Office 365 space, this marks a fundamental shift in the future of Windows and sets out the path (that the industry has been expecting for a while) to Microsoft becoming a service only provider over the coming years.

For one, I’m excited by this prospect.  One of the key benefits of Cloud Computing is in the simplification of the commercial/purchase models associated to traditional IT and let’s face it, Microsoft licensing has been voodoo since day dot.

Read more from Cloud Platform General Manager, Julia White, here at the official Microsoft blog.

more to follow…