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Looking to thicken out your twitter feed? Interested in SharePoint and Office 365?

These are the twitter folks that I follow and filter IN due to their great content.

Like other lists I have put together, it’s a working, organic list – feel free to comment.

Oh, and these are in no particular order, it’s not a competition!

1. Chris O’Brien

If you’re interested in development and how best practices can be applied in development scenarios, Chris is your man. Approachable, knowledgeable and always happy to help, Chris sets the standard in what being an MVP really means. Find him at or @ChrisO_Brien

2. Jethro Seghers

Jethro loves the Cloud. In fact he loves the Cloud so much he wears an Office 365 baseball cap 24 hours a day! An Office 365 MVP with a passion for technology in education, Jethro knows his stuff and is seriously good at sharing his knowledge. Find him at or @jseghers

3. Marc Anderson

Marc is a legend in the SharePoint community. He’s the father of SPServices a jQuery Library for SharePoint and is considered to be one of the world’s premier Knowledge Management people. Also an MVP, you can find Marc at or @sympmarc

4. Rene Modery

Rene is an Office 365 MVP based out of Switzerland who just gets on with being great at what he does. Blogger, author, speaker, consultant and father, Rene is building a name for himself in Europe as a go-to person for Office 365. Find him at or @modery

5. Christian Buckley

What can I say about Christian Buckley? He is a musician slash actor trapped inside a social and collaboration experts body. Part man, part robot, Christian is one of the few SharePoint people in the world that really focuses on helping people understand why they should be using SharePoint or Office 365 as opposed to how to do it. A prolific community contributor, Christian really is one to follow. You can find him at or @buckleyplanet

6. Fabian Williams

Ten-Hut! A former US Marine, Fabian is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to SharePoint and Office 365 process and integration. Based out of Washington DC, Fabian has emerged as a serious contender for “Workflow Ninja of the Year” and as “Business Connectivity Connector of the Year”. If you’re looking for information about workflow or integration, find Fabian at or @fabianwilliams

7. Joel Oleson

This list would not be complete without Joel. Let’s face it, he’s Joel. Being the first fulltime SharePointer at Microsoft would be enough for most folks but Joel also wants to be the first SharePointer to have visited every country on the planet. Less focused on pure SharePoint these days, Joel still roams the globe and spreads the word around Office 365, Yammer and Social computing. Find him at or @joeloleson

8. Benjamin Niaulin

Although a relative newcomer to SharePoint, Benjamin has quickly established himself as a leader in the “getting the most out of what we have in the box” school of SharePoint and Office 365. Specialising in migration, search and visual elements of SharePoint, Benjamin is an MVP, guerrilla movie maker, dog walker and proud French Canadian. Vive la SharePoint! You can find him at or @bniaulin

9. Spencer Harbar

Recognised by all as the global technical authority on SharePoint, Spence really, really knows SharePoint inside and out. Certified, proven and reliable, Spence has some of the most read and referred to content about SharePoint on his blog with his material on SharePoint 2010 being unquestionably responsible for saving more implementations than all of MCS, Avanade the Royal Marines and the Boy Scouts put together. Find him at or @harbars

10. Jeff Shuey

Jeff is on this list as a slightly left-field member of the SharePoint community. He’s not really a SharePoint or Office 365 guy, he’s a social/mobile/Cloud guy with a penchant for extreme sport and a frikken’ awful taste in shirts. If you’re interested in concepts and context as opposed to the specifics of technology, Jeff is a great source of information. Find him at or @jshuey

more to follow…