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I use Outlook meetings in my calendar for a number of reasons – not all of them about planning forward.  They’re a useful place to hold meeting material such as shared artefacts (I know, I know) amongst other things, but my primary reason for keeping them is the usefulness of having an easily archived record of where I went and when – great for the taxman.

On a sidebar here – even with the massive mailboxes we get with Office 365, calendar entries can take up a surprising amount of space, so do consider using the archive functionality to keep the local copy of your mailbox (the ‘OST’ file) compact.

When people use recurring meetings they often set them to be perpetual – useful if they are actually going to be, but frustrating when you want to cancel out after a number of occurrences.

Believe it or not, there is a useful way that you can remove future, unneeded instances of recurring meetings and it is so simple it defies belief.

The meeting organizer (or a delegate) simply needs to go to the meeting series and update the reoccurrence to end by the date from which they no longer need the meeting.  For instance, set the end date to be ‘today’ (whatever date that may be) to remove occurrences from ‘today’ but keep those before ‘today’.

Find detailed instructions on how to do this here at the official Office support site.