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#WorkSmarter – Meetings need purpose, outcome and a timebox

by | Mar 23, 2017 | BoardRoom, Work Smarter

Meetings are chaos.  Meetings waste time.  Meeting serve no purpose.

All things we have heard about meetings wherever we work and whatever we do.

The reality is that meetings are not all pointless time wasting, they just need rules.

Too many meetings simply don’t have a firm enough ruleset keeping a firm grip on them.

I’ve found that the rules you need are simple:

  • Meetings need a purpose
  • Meetings need an outcome
  • Meetings need a timebox


Is the meeting necessary? Why is it needed? Do we need all the actors in this room? Do we know why we’re here?


You’re meeting for a purpose, the purpose needs an outcome. Is it a decision? Is it an agreement? Is it to inform the attendees?


If you know the purpose and expected outcome you can timebox the session. Be realistic.


more to follow…