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AIIM Forum 2018 – The GDPR is here!

by | Jun 25, 2018 | BoardRoom, Cloud, Speaking, The GDPR

June 20th was a busy day.

AIIM Forum 2018 took place in the ILEC centre in the IBIS Hotel in West London and I was there with extaCloud as sponsors of the event for the second year running.

As you would expect, the GDPR was high on the agenda at all times with almost every session throughout the day being focused on the hottest topic in the Information Management and Content Services worlds this year. Every sponsor in the exhibition hall had a GDPR story to tell with some focused on product, others on services.

extaCloud was continuing its launch of extaStor 365, our Records Management service for Office 365 and we had plenty of interest in this new and innovative product.

The highlight of the day for me was being part of the closing session panel – ‘GDPR, Where are we now?’ – an hour long discussion panel focused on the GDPR and impact to organisations now that (at the time of the session) the legislation has been in placed for a month.

Well attended, the session was hosted by our friend Atle from AIIM and my fellow panellists were Madi McAllister from the Church of England and Dai Davis an independent lawyer that focuses his practice on information privacy.