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Need to move files from, to or between Azure blob storage containers? Simple!

Microsoft recently made AZCOPY available to enable rapid command line copying of files in and out of Azure storage.

In my specific use case, I needed to move my WordPress image cache from my Azure storage account to my local machine as I am testing some new theme options and I wanted to take a look at my blog in its entirety.  Normally with WordPress this is simple, but with the Azure storage provider in place WP backup options often get a little confused by the redirect to the images resulting in failure.

Never to worry, AZCOPY is designed to do exactly what I want…

.\AzCopy /Source: /Dest:D:\wpimages /SourceKey:<sebs primary key is a secret> /S

Execution of the above in an (elevated) PowerShell session resulted in the following:








You can get AZCOPY here, download and install, it’s that simple.

A full and detailed description of usage and syntax can be found at the Azure documentation portal here.

more to follow…