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Microsoft brings a #RaspberryPi Simulator to #Azure IoT Hub

by | Jul 25, 2017 | Azure, Microsoft

Came across something cool today when doing some research into Microsoft IoT offerings in the Azure space.

Microsoft now has a Raspberry Pi emulator that runs in Azure. Designed as a learning tool, the simulator is delivered as part of the Azure IoT Hub enabling the seamless connectivity of a ‘Pi’ to the Cloud.

The current UI is fairly basic (image source: Microsoft):

In the context of its UI, the emulator is ‘delivered’ in three parts:

  1. Assembly Area – where you ‘build’ the Pi
  2. Coding Area – where you write your code
  3. Console Area – where the code runs and console output is returned

I’m no Raspberry Pi or IoT whizz by any measure but I was able to get this up and running real quick and learnt a few things on the way. Color me impressed!

Check it out here. You’ll need an Azure account (free if you’ve not got one with free resource credits included for a period) to give it a whirl. At the time of writing, it’s a preview (so read; ‘limited support’) but with the interest in IoT both inside and outside of Microsoft reaching a frenzy, we can expect good things to happen here.


more to follow…