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I’ve today received email correspondence from a well known service provider describing a bunch of new “Cloud Options” including DBaaS (database), SECaaS (security) and RDaaS (remote desktop), sorry {name withheld} – you’re talking out of your aaS.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again.

Vendors, there are only 3 Cloud service models.

SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.

Software, Platform and Infrastructure as a Service. They’re easy to understand as shown on this slide extract from one of my “Intro to Azure and Office 365” decks:

XaaS is just marketing speak. Sales mumbo-jumbo. Customer confusing voodoo nonsense. It’s blarney invented by people that want to leverage the Cloud meme with copyrightable terminology.

Vendors –
Stick to the known, recognised delivery model terms and your customers will embrace the future quicker, which is most likely exactly what you want, right?

Customers –
If you need CRM in the Cloud, you want Dynamics CRM Online or Salesforce – SaaS offerings. If you want Cloud based compute and storage (what we used to call “servers”) you need Azure or AWS virtual machines – IaaS services. If you want ready to develop against highly scalable platform Lego like web servers, databases or media services you need Azure or EC2 services – PaaS offerings.

Ignore the voodoo people. Focus on what you want.

more to follow…