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So the onward march of progress in Azure took a surprising turn today when an out of the blue announcement was made on the Enterprise Mobility and Security Blog (see post here) announcing the end (or “winding down”) of Azure RemoteApp, Microsoft’s Azure application remoting service.

Although the world will no doubt categorise this change of direction in a doom and gloom “typical Microsoft” way, I’m taking a more positive view.

As a consumer of, and a consultant in, Microsoft technologies (as well as a long-term shareholder) I want to see Redmond making the right decisions with regards to future direction of how Azure is matured and pushed forward.  Forming, leveraging and strengthening strategic alliances (in this case with Citrix) in this space is actually a refreshing manifestation of the “dog-fooding” mindset that Microsoft is well known for.

Think of it this way.  Some of the principle benefits of Cloud X-as-a-Service (regardless of what X may be) include:

  • access to best of breed solutions
  • mitigated risk associated to on-going development, support and maintenance of solutions
  • management of commercial exposure due to consumption based pricing

If Microsoft are in a position to seamlessly consume, host and deliver 3rd party technologies into the Azure space and onward to customers then all parties stand to benefit.

I’m interested to see which other ‘peripheral’ offerings in Azure get the same treatment over the coming months and years – who knows what the future might bring.

more to follow…