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One of the great features of Azure is it’s ability to deliver content held in Azure Storage blobs super quickly thanks to it’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) capability.

Microsoft have made use of their very own PHP SDK for Azure to deliver a great little WordPress Plugin “Windows Azure Storage for WordPress” that enables really simple use of your Azure Storage blobs as containers for holding static content (such as images, CSS files, JS, etc.) so that you can gain from the immense scale and performance available from within Azure.

Download, deploy and activate the Plugin and you can set yourself up in no time at all.

First, head to the Azure portal to get your storage account details:

Then get your access key details and make a note of them (or use the convenient clipboard copy tool):

Once you have the details, head over to the Settings > Windows Azure tab in your WordPress site and update the details:
































If you don’t have a suitable container setup (you may already have one for your Azure VM VHDs) you can define one here (I’ve called mine “wordpress” for obvious reasons!).

You can also define a CNAME so that your content URLs are relative to your own domain name. If you’re not familiar with CNAMEs I would be inclined to think that you don’t need to worry about this option for now.

In some cursory testing, Azure does a great job of speedily serving the content, I’m going to keep an eye on cost as I move all of my static content over to Azure for this blog – I’ll update this post if there is anything to add in this context.


more to follow…