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Repatriation is an emerging Cloud term that describes the process some business undertake to bring services currently delivered in the Public Cloud back “in-house” either through on-prem Private Cloud delivery or traditional (i.e. non-Cloud) IT delivery.

Some organisations find that the total, all-up cost versus benefit equation of running Enterprise class applications and services in the Cloud outweighs the cost versus benefit of delivering in-house and so go through the (often painful) steps of bringing the application or service back on-prem.

Less common for core productivity workloads (email, collaboration, transactional LOB (i.e. CRM)) repatriation is often seen as a response to higher than expected uptake of publically available services (for instance a service like facebook (but not, in this case facebook)) as the cost savings of economies of scale (tend to) provide less benefit at vast scale due to the increased complexity of the service.