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#SharePoint2016 Corner: #PowerShell Installer Lite scripts updated for SharePoint 2016

Ahead of a bunch of demos, webinars and conference sessions I’m delivering over the next couple of months, I have gotten around to updating the PowerShell Tutorial for SharePoint RTR PowerShell scripts for SharePoint 2016. Unlike AutoSPInstaller, these scripts comprise a lightweight ‘not-really-for-production’ approach to using PowerShell to install the SharePoint 2016 Preview and are… Read More »

.NET Framework 4.6 and SharePoint 2013 – The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same

So we’re clear, this isn’t a post about “oooh, how to fix a problem that is simply a replay of TechNet content” – I’m more interested in the philosophy of this kind of issue given the new challenges that Microsoft face now that they’re a mobile first, Cloud first “devices and services” company. I guess… Read More »