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#CloudTalk: 3 Paragraphs Series – What is #PowerShell?

PowerShell is a script automation framework developed and released by Microsoft that empowers system administrators and developers to perform tasks predictably and repeatedly.  Originally part of the Microsoft Management Framework for Windows, PowerShell now ships as part of the Windows operating system in both its workstation and server guises. Similar in concept to the shells that… Read More »

From The Shell: Is PowerShell now TOO easy?

I’m a huuuuge PowerShell fan.  It somehow just feels right to be working in a shell predictably, reliably and with precision.  UIs are for losers! But I’m concerned for the masses.  I’m not a PowerShell expert, I’m just a guy that likes a little regularity.  That’s right, I eat plenty of fibre. I’m concerned for… Read More »