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.NET Framework 4.6 and SharePoint 2013 – The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same

So we’re clear, this isn’t a post about “oooh, how to fix a problem that is simply a replay of TechNet content” – I’m more interested in the philosophy of this kind of issue given the new challenges that Microsoft face now that they’re a mobile first, Cloud first “devices and services” company. I guess… Read More »

From the #Cloud: 3 Paragraphs Series – What is #SaaS?

Software as a Service, or SaaS, is the delivery of a business or personal productivity solution from the Cloud to the user.  It’s a software solution typically exhibiting all of the characteristics of Cloud computing (see here) with its key aspect being in the presentation of a user ready solution that can be utilised almost immediately. SaaS solutions can… Read More »

From the #Cloud: 3 Paragraphs Series – What is #Cloud?

Cloud Computing is the delivery of Information Technology services and solutions within delivery models that are characterised in their exhibition of five key facets: User driven service control, resource elasticity, device/location agnosticism, unit based & metered usage & billing, and utilisation of shared computer, network & storage resources. Several delivery models that determine the nature of Cloud services… Read More »

From the #Cloud: Shadow IT – an organisational plague or simply freedom for users?

I enjoy a good chinwag (don’t we all?) and yesterday got embroiled in a philosophical conversation about the challenges associated to the Cloud beyond the usual security and sovereignty pairing always raised when discussing the subject. A chunk of the discussion orbited around Shadow IT and the opportunities the user community now have to circumvent… Read More »

End of an era. #ForeFrontUAG is being retired.

It’s been on the cards for a while, but Microsoft has finally announced the “retirement” of Unified Access Gateway (UAG) with no future major version planned. UAG has always been a strange, slightly pickled member of the Microsoft stack (as was TMG) as the challenges and nuances associated to perimeter security and publishing have never… Read More »