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#cookit: Pan Roasted Pork Chops

If you’re like me, you’ll be familiar with the idea that pig is simply the tastiest of the farmyard animals, and with pretty much every part of a piggy – except the oink – being edible, if you’re able to tuck in, you’re onto a winner. I’m always a fan of pepping up something but still… Read More »

#cookit: Simple Chicken Risotto

This is my favourite thing to do with the leftovers from a roast chicken.  We always buy large free range chooks so we get at least 2 meals out of them – it’s great economy, two meals but not twice the cost of the meat. If I have the time, I’ll use the chicken carcass… Read More »

#cookit: BBQ Seb-Slaw!

It’s kinda funny. My good buddy Christian Buckley (an American, of course) commented that he was upset that my #sebslaw series is based on “laws from Seb” as opposed to being about delicious shredded vegetables in tangy dressings.  Little did he know, there are a number of Slaw ideas being published in the Cook It! series…… Read More »

#cookit: Un-Affogato-able Yorkshires

Want to impress with desert?  These bad-boys are something altogether different and memorable in the extreme!  The well risen puddings  make perfect bowls for the classic Italian combination of ice cream and espresso. Blissful. Un-Affogato-able Yorkshires (makes 12 if you use the Yorkshire Pudding recipe “as is”) Take the recipe for Yorkshire Puddings and make them… Read More »

#cookit: Yorkshire Puddings

Let’s start off with something quick, loveable, but easy to cock-up.  The secret to good Yorkshires is simple – no lumps in the mix, HOT fat and NO early peeks. Yorkshire Puddings (makes 12) Ingredients You Need: 180g Plain Flour 7.5g Salt 3 Eggs 240ml Milk (not skimmed!) 120ml Water Oil or Fat for cooking… Read More »

Introduction to the Cook It! Series

For a while I have had a number of recipe style posts published here there and everywhere, but never here at Why?  Historically I was obsessed with keeping my professional (i.e. tech) blogging discrete from my non-professional (i.e. everything else!) blogging. This approach has now become cumbersome so I have decided to collapse back… Read More »